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rodneyLike any other week during the regular season, I watched a few NBA games this week. Read even more about the others. But one story stuck with me: the Rodney Rogers accident.

I don’t know Rodney Rogers. Never covered him. Never even seen him play, besides watching SportsCenter clips of Rogers hitting a deep three with that left hand or posting up down low with that big 6-7, 235 pound frame time and again.

After reading about Rogers the past couple of days and writing about him today in a piece titled “Prayers For Rodney Rogers” for HOOPSWORLD, it’s as if I know him a little bit better now though.

As he was getting out of the NBA at 33-years-old after a 12-year career, I was grabbing my notepad and voice recorder for the first time in East Rutherford, New Jersey going to go cover the Nets. I heard his name in passing though. Remember wondering if someone would pick him up. Remember wondering if he ever thought about playing again at such a young age.

Like many I’m sure, it was tough hearing the unfortunate news about the ATV accident that has left Rogers paralyzed. I can’t imagine. It’s hard to imagine. How would I cope? Where would my faith be?

It makes you think….

Here’s a quick Rodney Rogers flashback from his days in Denver against the Utah Jazz.


pic via: nba.com

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