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Brush It Off….


Every time I see an ant hill, I can’t help but think back to when I was in high school. I was a sophomore. Maybe a junior. All I know is there must have been a couple hundred ants crawling all over me and I hated it.

It was in Nebraska. I was working with my dad trying to repair a driveway culvert at the feed and seed lot one of my older brothers and my dad ran. The culvert had a hole in it. I was selected to try and fix it. Had no choice actually. My dad – likely after a long day of work in the hot summer sun – asked me to lay down on the gravely driveway to see about a hole in the culvert.

I laid down, discovered the hole and stood up to tell my dad about it.

As I did, I got a tingly feeling all over me. I had rested right on top of ant hill. I was covered with ants. Covered with them. They were on my legs, my arms, my neck. I was freaking out.

I imagine news of Greg Oden’s latest gimpy knee problem has hit a lot of people in the same way. If nothing else it is part of his injury prone legacy.

Oden missed the NBA rookie-sophomore game last night after experiencing some swelling on his left knee. The MRI revealed a chip fracture on the patella. Now every Blazers die-hard or Oden fan across the league suddenly has this creepy crawly feeling all over them. It’s like every time you think this kid is healthy, you are swarmed with discomfort.

Makes it even worse after Kevin Durant did what Kevin Durant does.

I mean, forget the ants. The injury bug feeds on this guy like he was Old Country Buffet – the wrist, the knee, the ankle, the knee.

But let’s look at the big picture here. Had Oden played Friday night in Phoenix, it would have been the back end end of a back-to-back-to-back outing. If anyone needs a break in Portland it is this kid. What truly matters is that he get some rest and be healthy for the second half of the season, not go-down in an exhibition game that doesn’t count.

No need to freak out.

As I stood there covered with ants, I’ll never forget how calm my dad was. He simply walked over to me, told me to stand still and started brushing the ants off of me.  Felt like a lifetime. But it was over before I knew it.

That’s all Oden or his fans in Rip City can do right now.

Remain calm, brush it off and move on.


The Latest: When All-Star weekend always rolls around, I can’t help but be envious of those other writers who take advantage of their three-day-weekend. No such luck for me. While I didn’t make the trip to Phoenix, we have a strong HOOPSWORLD contingent on the ground.

Luckily, they are spooning me some interviews.

Just didn’t know one of those clips would allow me to tell how happy Allen Iverson is about this coming summer. He’s got free agency on his mind – all while having one foot out the door in Detroit.

Stay tuned….will have a feature story on Kevin Durant and Michael Beasley, as well as one on Atlanta Hawks center Al Horford running later today.  

Enjoy the weekend.

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Put him on your squad….


For those keeping score at home, Kevin went for 19 points and had 1 block in 1:17.


The Latest: I wasn’t sure if he would make the cut. I wasn’t sure if he’d even get his shot. But Jerryd Bayless – screaming after made buckets and all – is proving to be a point guard you can start to mention in the same sentence as Roy-Aldridge-Oden for the Blazers future.

That’s why he made the list.

Here Bayless joins some other rookies flying under the radar as “6 Underrated NBA Rookies”, a feature now running today at HOOPSWORLD.

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