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muss21Two years is a long time to be out of work. That’s one of the first things that crossed my mind as I pitched a story to my editor recently about Eric Musselman, the former head coach of the Golden State Warriors and Sacramento Kings.

The story was quickly approved. The interview was pretty interesting on many levels. And the feature on Musselman is running today over at HOOPSWORLD. It provides a quick glimpse of a coach itching to get back on the sidelines after a 24 month (and counting) hiatus and what unemployment entails in such a career field.

The truth is I hope “Muss” finds what he is looking for – in coaching and in life. The best awaits in both I’m sure.

You can follow his story here….complete with the latest from the world of coaching.

Of course it’s only fitting we talked some Blazers, particularly with the legacy his late dad Bill Musselman left in Portland as a member of Mike Dunleavy’s coaching staff in 2000.

It was Bill’s last stop on a truly amazing coaching journey that spanned 37 years.

While Eric couldn’t remember his career-record against Portland, he was quick to call Nate McMillan one of the “most underrated coaches in the NBA.” When asked how he would coach against Portland, Musselman talked about trying to contain Brandon Roy – a scheme Musselman said was easier said than done. There are 29 head coaches in the NBA that surely agree with him.

We talked about Greg Oden some, but Musselman came correct. Said he hadn’t seen enough of him to really say much. Said he did know it would take time to get his conditioning and learn the pace of the NBA though. Adjusting to the game mentally and the heavy expectations, is something Musselman believes will “take the most patience.”

What impressed Musselman more than McMillan, Roy, and G.O. was the overall character and direction of the team. And now with Portland at 12-6, it’s hard to argue with the man.

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