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iceRemember when Queen and David Bowie accused Vanilla Ice of sampling “Under Pressure” for “Ice Ice Baby” and he denied it – and they were right? If not then chances are you won’t recall sportswriters Jimmy Cannon or Jim Murray either.

Both had their version of a feature column titled “Nobody Asked Me But”, but unlike Ice I know a little something about respect. So thanks to Cannon and Murray’s inspiration before me, here goes:

Nobody Asked Me But….

1. It looks like DUI’s are the new black around the NBA. First Sir Charles, then Antoine Walker and now Jason Richardson of the Phoenix Suns – allegedly. Seriously. Guys. Leave the Benz in the lot. Call a cab already.

2. With all the All-Star injuries out West – Brandon Roy, Carlos Boozer, Carmelo Anthony – the Northwest Division will eventually come down to who has the best supporting cast.

3. Yes, I did see “Marly and Me” – and yes, I teared-up.

4. Isn’t it time Greg Oden got his shot at being an offensive option for the Blazers? (You knew I couldn’t go long without slipping in a shameless plug. I’m surprised I made it this far).

5. I don’t think Danny Ainge and the Boston Celtics should take a gamble on signing Stephon Marbury if he becomes available.

6.  I still think David Lee would fit lovely in Portland. Maybe this summer?

7. Editors really have no clue what their writers go through.

8. A real throwback night in the NBA would kill. I’m talking no shot clock, no three point line, no music – except an occasional organ, no ear-drum-breaking noises, no astronomical charge for tickets or concessions. But we can keep the long shorts.

9. The world needs an Eric B. and Rakim reunion album right about now.

10. I wonder if Martell Webster’s foot injury is far worse than what anyone in Portland is letting on – like done for the season worse.

11. The last thing I want to see is the New York Yankees buying any more marquee pitchers or big bats this offseason.

12. Brett Favre should come back for one more year with the Jets. What the heck.

13.  I think it’s stupid Lil Wayne has his own blog on ESPN while Chuck D deserves the job. God forbid he might have something intelligent to say.

14.  Mike Brown in Cleveland should take home “Coach of the Year” honors.

15.  Spending everyday raising a two-year-old really puts life in perspective. Trust me.

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