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It’s a simple question: where does Brandon Roy go from here?After his second-straight impressive All-Star outing Sunday in Phoenix, you have to wonder if one day Roy will stand in front of his peers and raise that MVP Trophy.

Lost between the Shaq and Kobe Bryant lovefest and the fleeting minutes of the game – or the second edition of the ‘Slam Dunk Contest’ as I like to call it – was Roy’s performance. Not surprising. I’m sure there were a lot of people watching who don’t even know what Roy is capable of – let alone who he plays for.

Not only did he finish with 14 points on 7-8 shooting to go with five rebounds and five assists, but he led everyone in minutes with 31. I bet Nate McMillan will thank Phil Jackson for that later. Because the last thing McMillan and the Blazers want is an All-Star hangover from their true All-Star.

Roy has to be ready to really lead Portland during the second half of the season. We’re talking about building upon his first half performance, not duplicating it.


The Latest: Man, Michael Beasley took a lot of HEAT (yes, pun intended) for jacking up too many shots on Friday night. What do you expect? It’s an exhibition contest, plus he was trying to exchange buckets with his boy Kevin Durant. I digress.

Here’s a quick story about Beasley and Durant’s childhood friendship and a shared dream…..along with the Atlanta Hawks Al Horford showing his true colors at All-Star weekend. Both stories ran Saturday over at HOOPSWORLD.



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