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Spring training got under way this week, and that can only mean one thing: the return of Ken Griffey, Jr. to the Seattle Mariners. And while Nate McMillan is busy preparing the Portland Trail Blazers for a postseason push, “Mr. Sonic” knows all about “The Kid”.

“I’m happy to see him go back to Seattle,” McMillan said of Griffey.

Junior was an instant fan favorite from his days as a 19-year-old rookie until his departure from Seattle after the 1999 season – leaving the then Sonics guard to keep tabs on Griffey and the Mariners.

“He was huge – him and (Jay) Buhner – we all came around that time, but my son (Jamelle) was a huge fan of his and he had the opportunity to go in the locker room and meet those guys. Griffey was the man – a great player. Things changed for the Mariners when he left. But they had some great runs with him and Randy (Johnson) and guys that were there in the early 90’s.”

But despite not making it to a playoff game in ’95 when the Mariners upset the New York Yankees in the American League Division Series, McMillan said he “became a huge Mariners fan”, something many will likely do with Griffey back in town after a ten year absence.

“Hopefully he has something left,” added McMillan, knowing the city of Seattle would benefit from a Mariners resurgence.

“He’s just been quiet since he left Seattle and hasn’t had that – he’s been injured since he’s been gone and I know he went back home – but hopefully he has something left to bring back. When he left, I think a lot of people wondered when he retired, would they retire his jersey as a Mariner.

“Now he gets to come back. I think that is good.”

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Stick and Move….

82990649DCE_BLAZERS_SPURSSomewhere in the world Ruben Boumtje-Boumtje should feel pretty good about himself. Sure Scottie Pippen, Rasheed Wallace and Bonzi Wells ran the show, but everyone on that 2002 Blazers team can say they were around to last beat San Antonio on their home floor.

Seven years later, that unfortunate streak remains intact, as does Portland’s recent road woes. It’s now at five-straight losses on the road. 

No Tim Duncan. No Manu Ginobili. No worries.

Still, Portland can learn from the heartache….

Travis Outlaw: He went 6 for 8, finished with 13 off the bench. Loved to see Outlaw’s jumper falling, but would it kill the guy to drive to the rim every now and again? That’s when Travis is at his best – well, that and when he’s knocking down that corner three. For as much as he talks about playing more aggressive, you sure don’t get that from the sight of Travis’ constant fall away jump shot.

Channing Frye: Where did that come from? Frye went for 15 points – hasn’t dropped those numbers since late November in Miami when he finished with 17. Good for Channing. Maybe it was the increased playing time. Maybe it was the fact that Frye was close to losing whatever minutes he had left to Shavlik Randolph. Either way, the playing time should be there for Channing if Greg Oden continues to sit. But will Frye’s production be there?

Steve Blake: More of a professed pacifist myself, but I loved seeing Blake mix-it-up with Francisco Oberto in the third quarter. If only Portland showed more emotion like Blake flexed against Oberto, maybe the Blazers wouldn’t be so easily pushed around. Think about it. Who is quick to not back down from anyone – Joel Przybilla. Everyone after that is tied for a very distant second. Notice Joel was the first one to step to Blake’s aid?

If these guys plan on making their mark on the postseason, Portland has to be more physical. We saw that between Przybilla and Tyson Chandler. We saw it with Brandon Roy and David West. Guess Blake was sending that message in San Antonio.

On The Road Again: Thought for sure Portland could go 2-1 when they first embarked on this trip – perhaps beating Houston and Minnesota. But now the only thing the Blazers have going for them is meeting the Timberwolves who are 1-9 in their last 10 games and losers of four-straight on Friday.

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Man, how times have changed. It used to be that when Brandon Roy and Aaron Brooks shared the court, Roy reaped the praise. On Tuesday night in Houston, these two Seattle natives did a little changing of the guard.

“He’s a mismatch problem for everyone who goes against him,” Brooks said of Brandon back when Aaron was at Oregon and Roy represented Washington.

“He’s quicker than most guards.”

It’s as if the Rockets diminutive guard was talking about himself.

Roy may be the two-time All-Star, but Brooks is starting to shine for Houston – a team who has won eight-straight at home. He finds himself the point man of the Rockets future, particularly after Rafer Alston was shipped to Orlando at the trade deadline last week. And to think there were actually some who cover the Rockets that disapproved of drafting Brooks 26th overall two summers ago.

How do you like him now?

The kid could still be a legit candidate for 6th Man of the Year. If nothing else, he’ll be one of the reasons Houston makes noise out West during their postseason run, sans Tracy McGrady. 

Roy may have finished with 24 points and 5 assists, but Brooks takes home the win. He went for 20 points and 5 assists over the Blazers, who couldn’t overcome an 18-point deficit despite a third quarter surge.

While Portland is tied for the most of any team in the NBA, winning eight games – including six on the road – when trailing at the start of the final period, they couldn’t make it nine on Tuesday night.

So what do they have to show for their efforts?

Nothing more than a quick trip to San Antonio, a restless night and a back-to-back against the Spurs on Wednesday night.


The Latest: Pretty convenient having Ron Artest on the floor considering one of the topics I touched on in a “PM Report” for HOOPSWORLD late Tuesday.

Who is the “dirtiest player” in the game today? We all know Artest’s history, but I don’t think he takes the honors. For my money, Matt Barnes of the Phoenix Suns gets the nod. See the evidence here. Apparently everyone else and their grandmother – including many players around the league – votes for Bruce Bowen.


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So Long Deadline….


Thank the good Lord that is over with. Sorry, but in my five plus years covering the league, the weeks, days and hours leading up to the NBA trade deadline is my least favorite topic to address. Coaches don’t like to talk about it. Neither do players. And for some writers, it essentially complicates matters.

What typically ends up happening is pageviews and readership is exchanged for credibility.

But no one wants to talk about that. They want to talk about earning respect, while all along losing it.

Talk to any beat writer across the league and they will tell you what irritates them the most about this time of year is all the rumors loosely thrown around like a Chris Brown haymaker. Guys on the beat spend half of their day chasing dead end rumors. Then they spend the rest attempting to get confirmation from a general manager, someone in the front office or a team source on what – in most cases – results is mere speculation.

Somewhere in between they actually have time to write – that is – when they are not worried about the newspaper biz suffering.

Can’t help but think guys in my situation – who primarily deliver online content – are part of the problem during the ongoing hoopla in late January and early February.

But that’s not me. Has never been my angle – just to report rumor after rumor after rumor after rumor. That’s sloppy journalism.


I find comfort in knowing I’m not a rumor monger. I find comfort in knowing I’ve established relationships and friendships with front offices, other beat writers and legit sources around the league who know what I’m about. And if anything, I’m about refuting a rumor instead of conjuring one up.

Have I reported about trade talks? Of course. Do I make it my goal 98% of the times I write? Hardly.

Trust me. Being told by an editor that you can’t run a story during the few days leading up to the trade deadline because it is not “rumor related” is simply infuriating. So it’s not only guys on the beat who have to deal with the winds of the rumor mill.

Such hot air is felt everywhere.

So forget the number of reasons I gave for Portland not trading Raef LaFrentz’s expiring contract….while many in the media – including some collegues at HOOPSWORLD – said that was one move the Blazers would make.

Forget how I assumed Brad Miller and Joe Smith would be on some GM’s shortlist…..and yes, Smith will not finish the season in Oklahoma City.

Forget Donnie Walsh telling me the New York Knicks didn’t have a lot of room to maneuver with trades….days before they move three guys out of town.

Forget me trusting both the Sacramento Kings and Chicago Bulls would make moves at the deadline…..boy, did they ever.

Forget all that noise.

Allow me to return to the stories of basketball and life for the love of God Shammgod.

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Wizards Cavaliers Basketball

I’m going to make this one quick and painless. Because I was right and I was wrong – at least for the time being.

For the past few weeks, I’ve said the Portland Trail Blazers were not going to make a move. Well they did by shipping out Ike Diogu. I also said the Blazers would wait until the summer to make major moves. And they will, especially now with the team receiving $3 million in a trade exception along with Michael Ruffin (formerly of the Washington Wizards, above).

Ruffin has been injured. He hasn’t played this season with the Chicago Bulls. And who knows if he will even report – or even yet – is waived by Portland.

For the time being, Nate McMillan shared this thoughts on the trade and upcoming deadline….running now over at HOOPSWORLD.

With the trade deadline set for tomorrow afternoon, I’m sure to have another post or two.

Stay tuned.

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Not too long ago a former Portland Trail Blazer made headlines down in Memphis. You might have heard about it. It was somewhat controversial. But on Wednesday night when the Memphis Grizzlies take the floor at the Rose Garden no one will probably be looking at “that” man – or should I say “that” head coach.

All eyes will be on Darius Miles. Instead, they should be on his head coach.

When Lionel Hollins was named the 11th head coach in franchise history for the Grizzlies back on January 25, this former assistant with Memphis caught some flack. Major flack.

Not only was he returning to the sidelines for the Grizzlies – after posting a combined 18-44 in two prior stints – but some who cover the league didn’t even think Hollins – who was serving as an assistant with the Milwaukee Bucks this season – should have received the job in the first place.

With all the former head coaches looking for work, why Hollins? Is he just another short term solution? If that is the case, at least he’s getting the most out of team right now. Memphis is 4-6 since Hollins took over as head coach of the team. Not horrible for the Grizzlies who lost 12-straight before turning to grab four wins under Hollins. 

On Wednesday night, you won’t have to be a Grizzlies fan to cheer Hollins in Portland.  You just have to know something about how he helped bring a championship ring to Rip City.

Selected sixth overall in the first round of the 1975 NBA Draft by the Blazers, Hollins (sitting dead center in the above photo) earned a spot on the 1976 All-Rookie First Team and won an NBA Championship as a starter for the Trail Blazers in 1977, where he was a teammate of current Grizzlies assistant coach Johnny Davis (sitting second in on the left).

The next year, Hollins was an NBA All-Star who also named to the NBA’s All-Defensive First Team. In over 673 career games, he averaged 11.6 points, 4.5 assists and 1.56 steals with Portland, Philadelphia 76ers, San Diego Clippers, Detroit Pistons and the Houston Rockets.

His number 14 hangs respectively from the Rose Garden rafters.

But Hollins and Davis aren’t the only former Blazers in Memphis. Hollins recently added Damon Stoudamire to his coaching staff. Stoudamire played with the Grizzlies from 2005 to 2008 and is now in his first NBA coaching position after serving as director of player development at Rice since December.

So let’s not make Wednesday night about Darius Miles’ return to Portland or the beef between Memphis and Portland’s front office. Why even go there?

Make this about Hollins. Make this about Davis.

Make this about Portland revisiting their lone championship season and the launch of Blazermania into the NBA vernacular.

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It’s a simple question: where does Brandon Roy go from here?After his second-straight impressive All-Star outing Sunday in Phoenix, you have to wonder if one day Roy will stand in front of his peers and raise that MVP Trophy.

Lost between the Shaq and Kobe Bryant lovefest and the fleeting minutes of the game – or the second edition of the ‘Slam Dunk Contest’ as I like to call it – was Roy’s performance. Not surprising. I’m sure there were a lot of people watching who don’t even know what Roy is capable of – let alone who he plays for.

Not only did he finish with 14 points on 7-8 shooting to go with five rebounds and five assists, but he led everyone in minutes with 31. I bet Nate McMillan will thank Phil Jackson for that later. Because the last thing McMillan and the Blazers want is an All-Star hangover from their true All-Star.

Roy has to be ready to really lead Portland during the second half of the season. We’re talking about building upon his first half performance, not duplicating it.


The Latest: Man, Michael Beasley took a lot of HEAT (yes, pun intended) for jacking up too many shots on Friday night. What do you expect? It’s an exhibition contest, plus he was trying to exchange buckets with his boy Kevin Durant. I digress.

Here’s a quick story about Beasley and Durant’s childhood friendship and a shared dream…..along with the Atlanta Hawks Al Horford showing his true colors at All-Star weekend. Both stories ran Saturday over at HOOPSWORLD.


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