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nbaLaMarcus Aldridge walked towards the court at the Rose Garden and past Channing Frye late last season and basically blew-up Frye’s spot.

“Don’t believe this guy. He doesn’t know what he is talking about.”

It was a good couple hours before the game. Channing leaned against a wall just down from the Blazers locker room drenched from a pregame workout. Huffing, he explained how he wanted to return to Portland after a then approaching summer that could have easily seen Frye shipped out of town.

It never happened.

Now Frye hopes he can still call Portland home after this season, despite not being able to agree with the Blazers on a contract extension. I broached the topic with both Frye and Kevin Pritchard last week – a story you can read in full over at HOOPSWORLD today….

Where does Frye fit in Portland’s future?

I will spare you guys the intricacies of Channing’s game and his likeability off the floor. Those who religiously read his blog or tune in for his radio show on 1080AM The Fan know what Frye is all about. He’s about being real.

It’s good to see.

It didn’t start that way. We were familiar with each other from our days in New York. It was rough for Channing. The Knicks had no clue had to use the guy. The summer he was traded to the Blazers, I returned home to Portland after paying an ungodly amount of rent in Manhattan for three years. Truth be told though, he wanted nothing to do with me when I rolled out to Portland’s practice facility one offseason morning two summers ago. 

To Channing, I was “one of those” writers from New York.

“Yeah, I remember you,” he said avoiding making any eye contact.

Oh yeah, I remember thinking. This is going to go reeeaaal nice.

Despite the chilly reception, we had a good talk. Anyone who knows Frye knows this: the guy loves to talk. He talked about New York. He talked about growing. He talked about starting fresh. He talked about loving Portland.

He still talks about loving Portland.

He knows what is he talking about.

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