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NBA/First San Antonio. Now Houston.

If Portland could win on the road they might be on to something.

It’s pushing about 2:30 in the morning. It’s Friday…. I think. Sorry. I only know two things right now: First, that Portland lost – then turned around and beat Houston – all in a course of 0.8 seconds thanks to Brandon Roy. And second, that writing a story on deadline that is set to run at 6 a.m. the next morning during a game is a waste of time.

Too much can change in only fleeting seconds.

I will say this though – Roy may have won the game (and you can peep that feature here, “Roy Shows ‘Poise’ In Portland” via HOOPSWORLD that is running today…what do you think I’m doing up so late), but Portland got that win over the Rockets thanks to Travis Outlaw and Rudy Fernandez.

Sure, LaMarcus Aldridge was huge. But what’s new. When besides opening night against the Los Angeles Lakers hasn’t Aldridge been solid?

Which brings me back to Travis and Rudy….that’s the kind of bench support Blazer faithful have been waiting for.

Travis needed that game. He needed that double-double (14 points and 13 rebounds). Anything to stop the absurd trade rumors floating around by former beat writers in Chicago and the message board masses. Don’t be so quick to pack Travis in the station wagon and drive him out of town just yet.

And Rudy. I know this guy gets a lot of love from ESPN for being top rookie. And I know Rudy (who went for 15 points, 5-9 from the field) says he doesn’t listen to such talk – or at least he played innocent before the game about the topic. But come on. Don’t even get me started on this guy. That finger roll over Yao Ming was straight sick. I’m looking forward to January when he’s found his comfort zone.

Meant to grab Ron Artest after the game to see if he was dizzy from having to chase Fernandez around all-night. Could have sworn I saw Ron-Ron tell Tracy McGrady “you take him then” at one point during the game. If so, he certainly didn’t have any better luck.

Here’s hoping both Travis and Rudy have better luck with their sore backs. Nate McMillan said they both suffered back spasms late in the game.

I’m thinking it was from having to carry the team at various stretches.

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