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All That Jazz

Al Jolson and Neil Diamond have nothing on me.

I’ve belted out more stories on the Utah Jazz over the last three days after their recent stop in Portland that I’m quickly becoming known as The Jazz Singer.

You can get the skinny here on the Jazz running the Blazers ragged….Carlos Boozer (who will be a free agent next summer in case any GM’s around the league are reading and forgot) returning to action after a summer spent in Beijing watching and learning instead of actually playing….and finally the scoop on Matt Harpring, who is one of those guys players in this league love as a teammate but hate to play against.

Honestly, I’d like to see him on the football field. Dude’s a bruiser.

Utah’s a different team without him. Weird, considering the roster they have – Boozer, Deron Williams, Andrei Kirilinko, Kyle Korver and so on. But you remove Harpring and you remove the soul of the Jazz in my opinion.

Never been a big fan of Utah myself. Their style is a bit boring for me. Plus, they win way too much – 19 straight winning seasons in a row? Crazy. And not to mention but I had a tainted encounter with a member of the Jazz back in New Jersey when I first started covering the league.

Still have a couple buddies who bust me on the regular about it.

You butcher one guy’s name at the start of an interview and all of a sudden you are O.J. Simpson.

Sorry….bad line.

Anyone for a little Miles Davis?

Now that’s some good jazz.

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Prayers For Lucas

Something has been missing at the Rose Garden and Portland’s practice facility lately, and it didn’t hit me until today.

Where has Maurice Lucas – Blazers assistant coach and the “Enforcer” himself – been?

Thanks to Dwight Jaynes we now know. This from Jaynes today:

Former Trail Blazer power forward and current assistant coach Maurice Lucas is in a Portland hospital fighting, according to a team source, a virus of some sort. No other information is known at this time but Lucas missed Sunday afternoon’s exhibition game at the Rose Garden against Utah.

It’s uncertain at this time Lucas’ status, but that shouldn’t keep any of us from including “Luke” in our prayers and prayer requests. He is missed, that’s for certain. Make sure to also visit Jaynes on the regular. There’s no doubt he’ll be providing a follow-up as it becomes available.

We’re thinking of you Luke….

pic via: nba.com

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