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Let’s just have the conversation shall we. No foul in that. For the sake of debate: could it be Portland is actually playing better without Greg Oden right now?

Come on now. I can’t be the only one having these thoughts, can I?

As I stayed up way too late on Saturday night writing about how Joel Przybilla really is an unsung hero for the Blazers and that this whole Oden knee-jerk isn’t going away any time soon, that’s the thought that ran through my mind: is Portland better without him right now?

Ran through my mind again after listening to Nate McMillan say that the healing process is “a lot slower than we expected” before the Blazers/Spurs game.

Let’s recap: better without him right now?

Blasphemy? Reality.

Who would think such a thought? Me, I guess. Anyone else?

Come to think of it, I was all for Przybilla staying in the starting five when Oden came back from his first injury. Thought Oden should have earned that spot – and that has nothing to do with him being fragile. Now I can’t help but think – if and when - Oden does return, will he once again be inserted into the starting lineup.

The kid has to get healthy first. Then, he has to earn it.

It’s a legit debate: right now, are they better without him?

You consider what Portland has been able to do without him this season – going 3-3 when Oden missed six games to open the season and now moving to 5-2 since Oden injured his left knee cap – and it’s not a farfetched conversation to have.

I pressed the issue with McMillan recently. Wondered if Portland could rely on what they endured last season without having Greg available. Could that experience – for better or worse – benefit the Blazers during another episode of “Life Without Greg”.

Nate wasn’t having it…..I get that.

But still, I have to ask: are they better – right now – without him?

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